What We Do

We specialise in creating fun, engaging games for mobile, web and desktop. We’re geeks. Award winning geeks. We love games. We love inventing. We love innovating. We love our job.


Game design and development. Concept development. Character design. Animation. Illustration. Advertising.


LEGO, BBC, ITV, Channel Five, Discovery Channel, Nickelodeon, Nick Jr, RSPCA, SpongeBob SquarePants, Yo Gabba Gabba, Postman Pat, Superstars, Magic Roundabout, Bear Grylls: Ultimate Survival, MiniClip, Loose Women, Rocket Science Pictures, Perplexcity, Metro, The Times, Betfair, Texaco, DC Comics

We have more than 12 years experience creating award winning content for brands we love.


The Team

Founder / Creative Director

Nick Gripton

Favourite games

Advanced Wars, Civ

Geeks about

Transformers, Comics

Stuffs his face with


Nick G takes care of the pretty stuff. He spent his formative years under the cruel whip of some of the best in the business at WCRS, iTraffic and His work was well received, gaining a number of awards including a CLIO and a spot in the D&AD book. As a child he dreamt of working for LEGO and becoming an animator. Both have become a reality, which only leaves travelling into outer space to make the hat-trick.

Founder / Technical Director

Nick Holder

Favourite games

The Witness, Bomb Jack, PSO

Geeks about


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Nick H handles the complicated stuff. Landing a design job at AKQA straight out of university set him on the path to success. He quickly moved up the ladder to a role where he was heading up projects for Microsoft and MSN. Over the years his specialisation has shifted from design to coding, getting creative with physics and problem solving rather than compositions and color.